My vision/pipe dream: Building an application server…

The big Idea

On a high level, the idea is to create a database-connected application server for business applications.

Technical Challenges

Building such a system requires a VM. The JVM seems to be a good choice. I have personally tried to avoid Java most of my career, but am sold on the idea that, as some have stated (more or less) it is the most sophisticated and reliable piece of software machinery around.

No more CI/CD?

The general approach to developing server-hosted applications is built around an “outside-in” model, where developers create local environments on their machines, that must reflect a live system and satisfy all the dependencies. They build and test their applications locally, then deploy them to “real” systems.

An extensible Platform

A system as proposed here is not limited to building business applications as described above. The system itself, utilizing the tools and language, can be used as a base on which to build further application frameworks which benefit from the ease of development and transparency (e.g. in the case of system monitoring) that the base provides.

It’s been done before…

This idea is not new, by any means.

What do you think?

OK, so now the secret has been laid bare. But who is going to invest into copying the secret formula?

Photo by Manuel Geissinger from Pexels



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Martin Ceronio

Martin Ceronio

SAP Developer since 1997, enjoys delving in other languages